Young Arts

Young Arts Projects

Every year the Arts Society Blackwater aims to support artistic endeavour with young people.  This is usually in the form of financial support to local schools for an arts project.

But we have also supported artwork in local museums through the purchase of an art cart and art materials for the Langford Museum of Power and Maldon Museum.

During 2022 season we sponsored a sculpture workshop at Heybridge Co-operative Academy.  Artist Darcy Turner worked with pupils to create a life-sized giraffe sculpture made from zip wire with a covering of silver coated packing tape.

In 2023 saw Darcy Turner working with pupils at Baynards Primary School in Tiptree.  The children were inspired to design and create a sculpture of a life-sized knight on horseback from the same materials.

Also in 2023 a group of ladies from our society worked with the Baynards pupils to create a wall hanging.  Each child designed a picture about Tiptree which we helped them translate into an appliqué square.

The resulting quilt ( with lots of strawberries!) has pride of place in the school hall.

Earlier this year (2024) we took print making into Baynards School. Textile Artist Eleanor Mulinder worked with a class and helped the pupils create their own design, after studying the work of Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso.

The designs were transferred to printing blocks and used to create a card and tote bag (as a Mother’s Day gift) for each child and a print for a classroom display.

This was a sustainable project which will be replicated throughout the school.

Each of these projects was funded by the national Arts Society grant and the proceeds of our Christmas raffle.


For Archive of Previous Young Arts Projects – Click here for the file