Full membership £49.00 per individual due in October 2021.
Cheques (to be made payable to The Arts Society Blackwater) or Internet Bank Transfer as described on the Membership form  Renewal form 22 23 or if a new member New Member form 2022 23

We welcome new members who may apply using the form below

A limited number of waiting-list members can be accepted on payment of £5
(non returnable) to the Treasurer. They may attend all meetings except the
Annual General Meeting on payment of £8.00 for each meeting.

Visitors are welcome on payment of £8.00 per meeting. Visitors may not attend the Annual General Meeting, and are restricted to attendance at no more than three lectures during a season.

All membership enquiries to be addressed to the Membership Secretary:
Julie Chellingsworth as per the Renewal or New member form