Programme of Lectures

Lectures take place on the first Thursday in the month in Wickham Bishops Village Hall, but note that the Lecture in May is on the second Thursday.

Members are asked to be seated by 10.55 am for any preliminary announcements prior to the lecture commencing at 11.00am. Coffee is on sale from 10.30am.


Thursday 5 October 2017
Sèvres Porcelain.
The new season starts with a lecture that explores the history of the Vincennes-Sèvres factory and its productions up to the French Revolution. Includes royal patronage, the establishment of the factory and the fashion for porcelain.Click here for more details and the BIO
Jane Gardiner MA 

Thursday 2nd November 2017
Treasures of the Turf – the fine and decorative arts of horseracing
The lecture looks at the development of the sport of horseracing in England through its associated cultural material. paintings, archive material and decorative art objects.Click here for more details and the BIO
Christopher Garibaldi
Members wishing to enter the ArtsFest exhibition (part of Nationals 50th anniversary celebrations ) should bring their works of art to this lecture.

The Wine and Cheese Party postponed from our July meeting will follow the lecture.

Thursday 7th December 2017
Will the Real Santa Claus please stand up -the Transformation of Saint Nicholas from Byzantium to Bari and Beyond
Who is Santa Claus? This lecture follows the various transformations of St. Nicholas through 1,600 years of history. Santa Claus – The ideal Christmas lecture! Click here for the BIO
Janet Robson


Thursday 4th January 2018
Opera & Design
Opera is an elaborate, even extravagant, art form. Simon Rees traces the arts associated with opera through surviving drawings, paintings, early theatres and their scenery, up to the present day. Click here for more details and the BIO
Simon Rees BA,MA

Thursday 1st February 2018
Cartoonery: English Attitudes
Many artists have discovered that humour is the key to winning the hearts of the English! This lecture will trace the history of cartoonery in British public life, as a means of observing and commenting upon society and the politics of the day. Tim Stimson will take us through the world of caricature and satire.Click here for more details and the BIO
Tim Stimson

Thursday 1st March 2018

‘Curiouser and Curiouser’ – the life and works of Lewis Carroll
This lecture explores the enigma of this paradoxical figure of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, ‘Lewis Carroll’, with particular reference to his most popular works, “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking-Glass”.Click here for more details and the BIO
Roger Askew BA,MA


Monday 12th March 2018
Vivaldi in Venice
Vivaldi is the one Baroque composer whose music is a direct reflection of the city in which it was composed. Against the luxurious backdrop of 18th century Venice, and with live musical performances by Peter Medhurst, the day explores the amazing world of Vivaldi’s music – music that is as intrinsically Venetian as the canvasses of Canaletto.
Peter Medhurst

Thursday 5 April 2018
Magic & Medicine of the Ancients
This lecture examines both magic and medicine to demonstrate the similarities and differences, with details of spells, prescriptions and potions to kill or cure.This lecture identifies what worked – and what didn’t! Magic & Medicine of the Ancients Click here for more details and the BIO
Eileen Goulding MA

Thursday 10th May 2018
Discovering and uncovering Constables in the Dedham Vale: tales from the painting conservator’s studio
Rosalind Whitehouse in this months lecture tells the story of discovering paintings connected with John Constable: four members of the family and Constable’s right-hand man are reunited on her studio workbench.Don’t forget the meeting is the second Thursday in the month.Click here for more details and the BIO
Rosalind Whitehouse MA

Thursday 7th June 2018
The Age of Jazz! Art Deco – Fashion and Style
This lecture gives an overview of Art Deco style and design and also looks at the movement’s legacy today. Art Deco swept across Europe and America in the 1920s, bringing with it a transformation in design; and helped to introduce Modernism to a mass audience. Sally Hoban tells us about the swinging twenties, influences and life, in this illustrated lecture on this period.Click here for more details and the BIO
Sally Hoban PhD

The AGM precedes this lecture at 10.00am

Thursday 5th July 2018
Aqua Triumphalis: Power & Pagentry on the Thames
From the mid-fifteenth century the River Thames has been an important and colourful part of the national story. Peter Warwick returns to give a lecture that is a riverscape of this history from the Tudor age to the present day..After the lecture will be our annual Cheese and Wine and renewal forms for next year will be available. With good wishes for the summer!Click here for more details and the BIO
Peter Warwick

Note that the first lecture in the new season 2018-2019 will be:

Thursday 4th October 2018
Victoria and Albert, Art and Love
This lecture celebrates the 200th Anniversary of the births of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.
Barbara Askew BA